Fitting an E-collar perfectly on your dog

Fitting an E-collar perfectly on your dog

So, you need to train your dog? Do you need to know how well an e-collar would work? But do you know that if it does not fit your furry friend perfectly, the training and the money used to buy the collar will go to waste? I’ve got your back. The following is how you can fit an e-collar perfectly on your dog.

an illustration of Fitting an E-collar perfectly on your dog
Fitting an E-collar perfectly on your dog

What is an E-Collar?

An e-collar is a device used as a training mechanism for dogs which usually is purchased with a wireless remote and receiver. Negative reinforcement is the basis of this training method, where tone, vibration or stimulation is sent to your dog to help them understand the difference between good and bad behaviour. For example, using the stimulating sensation to make your dog come to you when you call its name.

The disadvantage of not fitting an e-collar correctly

An e-collar is like a belt strapped on the dog’s neck as humans wear in their waists. Using it incorrectly is also a drawback; it can be easily done if proper steps are not followed. The following may occur if the e-collar is not attached correctly to your dog:

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You might shock your dog intensively: If the e-collar is not wrapped correctly around the dog’s neck, meaning if it is loose or too tight low to medium vibrations or stimulations may not be felt by your dog, and if you increase the level of intensity assuming that your dog does not feel the low vibrations or stimulations you might cause your dog to feel immense pain just because you did not correctly strap the w-collar on your dog’s neck.

How to Have an E-collar Perfectly Fit Your Dog

A few things must be considered when ensuring the discussed collar fits perfectly on your dog’s neck.

For the e-collar to serve its purpose of vibration and stimulation, it must be fastened nicely on your dog’s neck, meaning it should not be too tight that your dog suffocates and not too loose that the vibration does not reach the dog. Make sure it is at the perfect level that the collar snugs to the dog’s throat.

When fastening the collar, ensure the receiver is on the left or right side of your dog’s throat and not placed directly on it; this positioning is crucial for your dog.

Finally, place two fingers between your dog’s throat and the belt to check if the collar sits perfectly. You should easily be able to insert two (2) fingers in between.

Make sure the collar is not loose and does not move around when your dog runs or walks, as it would not be effective. Take care that the collar is not too tight, or else it will cause sores in your dog. It may also become uncomfortable for your dog when Wearing it for long durations, so make sure you adjust the collar for your dog frequently every one (1) or (2) hours.

If your dog is fluffy and has a lot of hair, it is suggested that you trim the hair on its throat to ensure the collar transmits the vibrations effectively or buy an e-collar with more protruding contact points. If your dog swims and gets the collar wet, make sure you frequently wash the collar.

Factors To Consider Before Deciding To Buy an E-collar For Your Dog

The factors one must consider before buying their dog an e-collar are:

  • The size of the dog
  • The e-collar contact point’s size
  • The material of the belt

The Size Of The Dog

Having a large receiver stuck to a chihuahua would seem pretty odd, and having that big of a receiver would mean that the intensity of the vibration and stimulation would be greater and more difficult to withstand when it is made for a larger canine. Collars made by SportDog and Field trainer are collars for medium to small-sized dogs, which do not make the dog look odd with a large receiver on their neck. If your dog is a larger canine like a german shepherd, then buying an ET-300 Educator would be better.

The E-collar contact point’s size

The contact points that transmit the stimulation’s vibration to your dog are generally made of stainless steel and contain nickel components. If your dog has allergies or is specifically allergic to nickel, then contact points made of titanium can also be purchased from a pet store. With new advancements being introduced, e-collars which can distribute the stimulation evenly are also available and can be used for better comfort for your dog.

The Material Of the Belt

Choosing the correct belt or strap for the e-collar is also important when considering using one. If your dog is very active and energetic, always pulling the leash, then consider buying a bungee belt strap, which would cause less strain on your dog’s neck, causing less irritation and bruises.

Another material which, in my personal opinion, is durable and is a long-term investment as it is washable and flexible ( how to clean dog collar smell)

In conclusion

Using an e-collar, in my opinion, is a little too extreme, but professionals and people on the other wing have different opinions. If the e-collar is to be used, the above-stated methods need to be kept in mind and followed so that your dog does not feel too much pain and the training process proves effective and efficient. This device needs more care and attention from the owner to the canine. I wish all those using this device a good experience in training their dog using negative reinforcement in teaching good and bad habits. 


What is the correct placement of an e-collar on a dog?

The e-collar should be placed on the front of the dog’s neck, just below the chin. The electrodes should be on either side of the dog’s trachea, snugly against the skin.

How do you use an e-collar effectively?

The effective use of an e-collar depends on proper training and guidance. The first step is carefully reading the instruction manual and follow the manufacturer’s recommended guidelines. Introducing the e-collar gradually to your dog and using positive reinforcement techniques to associate the collar with positive experiences is important. The e-collar should only be used as a last resort after other failed training methods. It should never be used as a punishment or to cause pain, and the stimulation level should be adjusted to the lowest possible effective level for your dog. E-collar training should only be done under the guidance of a professional dog trainer.

How can I make my dog’s collar fit better?

To ensure your dog’s collar fits properly, measure its neck with a tape measure. The collar should fit snugly but comfortably, with enough room to fit two fingers between the collar and your dog’s neck. If the collar is too loose, consider tightening it or purchasing a smaller size. If the collar is too tight, loosen it or purchase a larger size. You may also consider using a collar with an adjustable buckle or a collar that fits around the dog’s chest instead of its neck, such as a harness.

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